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We make both mobile and web apps for our clients. Our field of expertise includes iOS, Android & Ruby on Rails. Starting with beautiful design, we go through every phase of the development process, including backend service and SaaS integration. We believe that great engineering requires a touch of passion and imagination.

We’d love to hear your ideas and to turn them into meaningful, beautiful products together.

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  • Rails
  • iOS
  • Android

Our Workflow

  • 2 Agreement and Clarifying the details
  • 3 Prototyping
  • 4 Choosing team and tech stack
  • 5 Development
  • 6 Maintenance and further development
Workflow 1

Application vision and initial estimation

At first, we would like you to share your vision with us, to make sure we fully understand what you want to realize and to understand your vision on what the product should be.

The next step is either fitting your idea into your available budget, or to prepare an extensive product cost estimation. You decide which approach is better for you.

If you send us the details of your idea, we promise to get back to you within three days. Note that initial estimation is free of charge.

Workflow 2

Agreement and Clarifying the details

Next, It’s time to specify all application's features. Also we’d like to clarify the way of cooperation you have in mind. Together, this allows us to prepare the final offer for you.

Depending on project’s conditions, we usually offer two types of payments: based on daily rate or payment for the entire contract. If the project requires any resources (stock pictures etc), we ask you to pay for it in advance.

Workflow 3


Before we write a single line of code, we prepare wireframes, prototype and mockups. We like to work with you during this process, because it allows us to clarify each detail and meet your specific needs. As soon as you say that’s it!” and confirm the final design and functionalities, we can go to the next stage.

Workflow 4

Choosing team and tech stack

When we are in agreement of the prototype and have a clear picture of what is ahead of us, we choose the development team, leading technologies and tools.

We strive to be fully transparent, so feel free to ask about any development details.

Workflow 5


Our development process is iterative; usually we work in one-week sprints. After every sprint, customer can see what has been done and give us feedback. This enables customer to have control over the process, and prevents from needless potential misunderstandings. These sprints are continued until the project is completed and is ready for shipping.

Workflow 6

Maintenance and further development

After the final product is shipped, we offer you maintenance services that include updates, database backups and more. Also if you decide to add some features to push your product to another level, we are able and willing to keep developing and improving your product.

Our Clients

I highly recommend Codepany they were responsible for development of several mobile applications for my company and my clients. I highly value Codepany approach to application development, quick development process and innovative approach to business processes and problems.

Kuba Karpel
CEO Stepchangeit Europe

The guys at Codepany are for real. We've worked with them for the past eight months, where they were tasked with developing iOS and backend components of our system. While it wasn't a 100% smooth ride (it never is!) one thing I learned is that flexibility is the name of the game. I'm happy to recommend David as a coder, fast learner, and willing communicator. David lives and breathes the startup world. Tomek, while in stark contrast to David's personality greatly complements the team. Soft spoken, sharp mind who'd fix your backend in no time.

Martin Kawalski
CEO Snowcookie

Thank you so much for help Codepany. Very professional and fast service. Communication via email was very easy and good. I can recommend them with 100 percent responsibility. And I will use their services in future, for sure, because I am very satisfied about their work and resultat which I got. Super!

Olga Krzyszczak
ClassicRestaurant owner

Quality people with a innovative approach to the products they produce while staying modest and honest towards you.

Mark De Leeuw

Fantastic job. And delivered way before deadline. Brilliant! Always on time, and ready to work on last minute requests. Seriously I would def hire Codepany again (without doubt) as they are very professional and extremely skilled in Ruby. Cannot thank u enough! Keep up the good work!

Bob Meer


  • placeme
  • placeme


Business is a tool to help you find a perfect place for your business. Do you know how potential clients move around the city? Where are the white spots with no competition? What buildings in the neighbourhood drive your sales? We use cloud computing to answer those and other questions, in an easy to use online tool.

Web RoR
  • Reflectivity



Reflectivity is an iOS app to show the probability of precipitation based on data gathered directly from a radar. Covers area of southern Poland and the northern Czech Republic. Features include rain and snow activity forecast, sequence replay and data from various radar products. Clean and sleek user interface help navigate on the map seamlessly. The Project is being developed with cooperation with Ekoenergia Silesia S.A.

  • jobtoperson



Job>>Person is an innovative platform which, thanks to a transparent organization of published offers, enables efficient access to contracts based on civil law contracts. The built-in ZUS and US document generation function will help you in completing the necessary paperwork

Web RoR
  • cardioapp



CardioApp is an app to assess the risk of cardiovascular disease based on the short interview.

Android iOS RoR
  • Snowcookie
  • Snowcookie
  • Snowcookie 1


Fitness, Sport

Snowcookie is a three-sensor wearable system born from love of skiing. It makes you a better, safer and connected skier. We develop iOS app and take care of backend's services.

  • Dermo 1
  • Dermo 1
  • Dermo 2



Dermoapp helps users find out about their potential dermal illnesses. Quick interviews are supported by tons of pictures. Together, those two options will help user diagnose themselves. If the application does not answer the users questions, it has build in abilities to contact doctors & schedule an appointment.

iOS Android Web
  • Kalk 1
  • Kalk 2
  • Kalk 3

Kalkulatory Medyczne


KalkulatoryMedyczne is a set of four medical calculators incorporated in one app. Each of them estimates patient’s risk levels based on the interview. The app is intended for doctors, who want to get quick diagnosis before they schedule further examination.

iOS Android
  • Fithint 1



Web RoR
  • Fithint 1
  • Fithint 2


Fitness, Health

Fithint is a coach-mentee relations management system. As a mentee you can check your nutrition, upcoming training and supplementation in one easy to use application. As a trainer, you are in control for your trainee and can offer him/her everything they need to succeed in their goals.

Android iOS RoR
  • CR 1
  • CR 2

Classic Restaurant


Landing Page with interactive menu for norwegian restaurant.



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