Ruby on Rails 5 installation on Ubuntu 16.04

Guide to install Rails 5 on Ubuntu 16.04 (64bits).



Ubuntu:   16.04 (64bits) LTS (xenial)
Ruby:       2.3.0
Rails:       5.0.0


Prepare system

Update package manager:

Install curl:

Install Node.js


Ruby installation (RVM)

Install required dependencies:

RVM and Ruby:

Try to check Ruby version:

If you get error, close your current session, re-open new and try again:

Set default ruby:
(Note that your ruby version can be different, so in following command change 2.3.0 on proper version)


Bundler installation

To speed up gem installation, you can disable installing documentation: (It’s optional)

Install Bundler:


Rails installation

Install current stale version of Rails:

If you prefer install specific version of Rails, you can use following command:

After all, check Rails version:


MySQL installation

In your projects, you can use MySQL databases. To install MySQL:

During the installation, you will see the window, where you will have to set a password for root user. It’s important to keep this password!


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